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Neat Coastal Artillery Award Badge -era?

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I know I have seen one of these here before, but I can't find it.

This looks pretty early but does any one know the era?







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Emerson's book says that is a 1903-pattern badge.


The bullet hanging below is not part of the normal badge, and looks to have been added later.


IMHO, someone tried to turn this badge into some sort of a sweetheart badge or patriotic badge.

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I think they were in the neighborhood of 1905ish through the WWI era...maybe early 1920's.

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Thanks Guys!

I figured the bullet was non-official, but still kind cool

(and being a Vexillologist, I liked the "protect the flag" wording!)

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agate hunter

Coast Artillery 1st Class gunner's badge. Worn from 1903 to 1909. What company is the badge named to? The No. 130 is the soldier's individual number in his unit.

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