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Original Garand Crates WW2

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Does anyone have any pictures of the crates Garands would have been stored in during the war when being transported in bulk?


Would like to get a couple knocked together for our reenactment display.


Same goes for thompson?


I have tried searching the internet but can get no concrete evidence on specific crates.


Many thanks!



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No problem mate! :D Began to panic as I couldn't find it haha!


Just went onto google and typed in 'M1 Garand crate' and then just chnaged the words about and also searched for ww2 us rifle crate, springfield 1903 crate...etc



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I searched but I can't remember what I searched for. Anyway I couldn't find any good photos.

I appreciate your help.

Thank you so much,








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I found these...not dated WWII but im sure they are the same.




Thanks for the photos - My father was an inspector at H & R when they had the M1 contract in the mid 1950's - It was his first job after he was discharged from the Marine Corps.



"The Americans on this Island are not ordinary troops, but Marines, a special force recruited from jails and insane asylums for blood lust." -Japanese Newspaper found during the Battle of Guadalcanal - "They Got That Right!!" Chesty Puller




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