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E-2C Hawkeye Pucker Factor

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In case you have not seen this video, it shows just how daunting carrier aviation can be.




Gil Burket
Omaha, NE
Specializing in Fakes and Reproductions
of the Vietnam War



"One is easily fooled by that which one loves."


Moliere: Tartuffe





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I've seen this video circulating quite a bit. The crew is lucky they were only injured. Some skills and luck that pilot had being able to save the plane.

Interested in items related to:

-Amarillo A.A.F. / Amarillo Air Force Base

-Military instillations located in the Texas Panhandle, South Plains, and West Texas.

-"F" Company, 142nd Infantry Regiment, 36th Infantry Division (Texas National Guard)

-413th Civil Affairs Battalion (USAR)


In Memoriam:

CSM Juan H. Hernandez - U.S. Army WWII, Korea, Vietnam

RM1c William C. Denney - U.S.S. McDermut (DD-677) Korea


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I bet they had to hose off the seats after they landed that thing.

Submarines once, submarines twice...


Looking for:


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That is an amazing video!!


I have seen cable breaks before, and usually the results are deadly and catastrophic!! This crew was very lucky.






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