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U.S Navy Sailor Rope and Knot Display Art.

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Found this in a small shop recently. Well made piece of Naval knot art. Sailors name is marked on back "old and faint"


Herly or Herby Wagele C.M. 2/C. 302 Sierra Place New Orleans 20 LA. This looks to be from around the WW2 era, or at least that is when the 2 digit zip code was started. Shown in his address. I think CM 2/C is a Carpenters Mate Second Class.


Have looked for one of these displays for years and recently this popped up when I was least expecting it. Some knowledgeable ex Sailor may be able to tell us what the different knots are. Large 27" x 17" . Missing a few ropes to connect the boat with the block and tackle.





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Jack...here is a piece of Navy Artwork I use for a Navy Purple Heart display.

attachicon.gif rps20160713_090722.jpg

Robert, that is sweet and a nice display platform. Rope and knot art is quite intricate. Long lonely nights aboard ship.




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