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"Search-nose" wire cutters

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On D-Day, two members of each U.S. assault boat team were supposed to carry "large search-nose cutters". I'm assuming these were something other than M1938 wire cutters. I have not been able to find the correct nomenclature for these or any photos of them (However, pics of German Army search-nose cutters are easy to find). Does anyone have any additional info on these? Were they Army standard issue or items obtained from non-standard sources (civilian/British military/etc.) Any help or leads would be appreciated.






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My guess is there refering to the M1917 wire cutters. These are larger than the M1938's with the search nose ends...

Pvt. James H. Honey 1st Md. Eastern shore Vol. Inf. Co. D (union) Gettysburg
Pvt. George Eddie Lear 26th Inf. Co.H 1st Div .(WW1) P.H. WIA Cpl. Richard Elsea 268th C.A. Bn. Battery A. WW2 SSgt. Grant Elsea 314th Inf. Hq.Co. I.R.79thDiv. WW2
Cpl. Harry Lawrence Butler Jr 23rd Regt. WIA Korea Lt. George Olin Tilghman 111th MG. 29th Div. WW1 DIS France 1919

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