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WWII US Army Medical Department Airborne Paratrooper Mountain Troops Folding Litter


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At a recent local auction I was doing the preview and found this item under a table. At first I thought it was just another folding cot which turn up quite regularly but on further inspection I found that it was quite something else. When the auctioneer brought it up he said it was a cot as well and as such I was only bidder at the opening bid of $25.00.


When I got it home I opened it up and confirmed that it is the "Litter, Folding, Wood" Item # 9936200 made by the Zimmer-Thomson Corp. as shown on the great website WW2 US Medical Research Centre as was introduced in1943 for use by the Mountain and Airborne Troops such as the 10th Mountain Division and the 11th, 13th, 17th, 82nd and 101st Airborne Divisions. Mine has the US Army Medical Department painted maroon Caduceus on the backside and opens up as shown.


I didn't open it all the way as I didn't want to test the 70+ year old canvas but it seems to be in pretty good shape. Nice addition to my Field Medical Gear Collection and not what I expected to find under a table at an auction house!























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Nice find Thomas! These have always been difficult to acquire. And the condition of yours is excellent.



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Thanks for the positive feedback as I do appreciate it and it's nice to see that you all like it. When I bought it at the auction there was no one there that even knew what it was which was a good thing but I was hoping that someone else would think it was cool too. Glad that the condition is good too as the mice had moved into it at some point prior to the auction but luckily did no damage.

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