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Going to Gettysburg, Any specific shops to visIt?

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A friend is heading to Gettysburg for a few days vacation. I have not been in a while.

Any specific shops or museums to visit besides the normal spots. I know he plans to head Gettysburg Museum of History store. Any other shops or spots he should hit in the area.

Thank you in advance.


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There is a new place... Forget what it was called... Had a lot of stuff last summer, including wwii. I got a Sherman 75mm casing pretty reasonable. I'll ask my buddy and see if he remembers what it was called or where it was.

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The best shop in town for all period of military antiques is the Antique Center of Gettysburg. Its a multi dealer co-op (multiple showcases). They are located at 30 Baltimore Street.


There is also the Horse Soldier, carries mostly Civil War items. Be ready for sticker shock. Although there is some nice Civil War items there. They are at 219 Steinwehr Avenue. Another shop like the Horse Soldier is the Union Drummer Boy at 34 York St. Carriers mostly Civil War items.


There were other nice antique shops in town but they have long closed up.



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