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Odd Tiger Stripe find today.

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Had one identical to this - full suit with trousers. Then another one came up on ebay a while back with a 'Rycom Fatigues' label (Japanese). Is the large poacher type pocket on the back of the jacket lined with waterproof material? The background colour of the classic pattern is a distinctive bright green on these garments - this colourway also seen a few other custom TS garments. i do, actually, wonder if these are hunting garments, - hunting garments where made in Japan in the classic pattern. I have also seen a picture of a Rycom jacket with identical front four pockets in the silver pattern.

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I've heard it said that some GI's liked the pattern, walked into a shop and had sets made specifically for hunting when they returned home. That might explain the large back pocket.


I would think it would be pretty useless for wear on a military mission where one was wearing a backpack.

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I had a four pocket tiger, exact same in heavy Japanese print, with the large poacher pocket to the rear, and I think forum member Pluto has one with the poacher pocket so it was definitely an 'off the peg' option. Definitely Japanese made, and definitely wartime.

Whether any made it to Nam, who knows.



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