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WWII USN POW Service File with Japanese Writing

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I recently came across an interesting document while researching a WWII US Navy POW. Simmons was captured on Corregidor in 1942 and died on a hellship in late 1944. The outside of his service record has a label with Japanese writing. This is then over-stamped with a US stamp dated 1945. This document is now part Simmons’ complete service file in St. Louis, which covers 1926 to 1944. (But oddly does not contain any documentation on the posthumous Bronze Star and Purple Heart that were sent to his widow after the war.)


My working theory is that the service file was captured along with Simmons in 1942 and was marked by the Japanese at that time. After Simmons was put on the hellship the file remained in the Philippines, was recaptured by US forces, and marked at that time.


Has anyone else seen similar marking on other US service files? I haven’t researched enough WWII POW service files to know if this is common or not. Also, does my working theory seem plausible? Or is there a better explanation?




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Wow. That is the first service record file folder I've ever seen with a label like that on it. I do have an Army service record book that a POW kept with him the whole time he was incarcerated. I also have a sailors CSC book that He kept with him the whole time he was a POW. I have never seen a file like this.



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Very interesting. Can you make out the purple English stamp on the left side of the Japanese label-- the end reads .....ES UNIT"?

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