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Meyers 9M Hallmark Question


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Does anyone know why on Meyers wings & badges that are hallmarked with 9M in a shield that some have the 9 next to the M in the shield and on others the 9 is over the M in the shield? Thanks.

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The Quartermaster General, sometime around 1953, started to oversee the production and quality of items being produced by the various manufactures. In this effort of quality control each approved manufacture was assigned an identity number. The current maker mark was to also include a two digit code consisting of one number and the first letter of the manufactures name; N.S. Meyer was assigned 9M.


Research shows that both 9M and 9/M were manufacturing marks used in the mid- 1950s to mid-1960s.


At some point N.S. Meyer may have had a contract with another company for insignia manufacture. This may help to explain these two hallmarks. Or, it could simply be the case that different engravers chose to engrave the dies that way. Of course we may never know the real reason unless company records or some memo is contained in an archives somewhere.



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