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Bill Walter's new book

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Reproduction m3's should be relatively easy to spot, however refurbished/ rehandled/ refinished knives often go undetected. For the first time there is going to be a full color reference book showing original, and in a lot of cases new in box M3's and M4's to compare with before making a purchase. How many times would you have to use such a reference book before the cost would cover itself. Not to mention it is being printed in the USA and only a limited number will be available. I have seen so many repaired knives listed as original sell for real money in the past few years. I have a feeling some people may be surprised when they look through their own collections and notice handle spacing or pommel peens don't match.

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In email correspondence with Bill, I think he indicated the book was going to sell for about $100.00. Sounds steep to me. From what you saw, would you say it would be worth it?


Hell yea!!!!!!!!!! It is the first of 4 books he is doing. I already told to him to send me one after they are printed.

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I have known about Bill´s book for more than 2 years. I am going to ask Bill for a copy for me.

1st Lt. Pavel "Padre" Poch

D Comp. 194 GIR 17 AB

Re-enacting group Czech republic








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