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few difirent wings

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The top wing is sometimes viewed as a pre-WWII pilot wing, although actually finding a photo of anyone wearing this wing is all but impossible. It is increasingly seen as a sweetheart type wing, but it is a rather nice pattern no matter what. You sometimes see them with BB&B Bronze markings. While I wonder if they were worn by pilots, there is no doubt that they were made during WWII.


The second one is also a frequently debated wing. Pasquale (IIRC) was a wholesaler and didn't actually make their insignia. In this case, I believe the feeling is that LGB made the Pasquale marked wings. Confusing the issue is that there were a bunch of Pasquale marked fakes made a number of years ago. Some purist would say that only the wings with small font "Pasquale" and "S.F." (for San Francisco) are correct. But I have seen some examples of Pasquale NOT marked that way that I believe to be good. Sadly, my impression with yours is that they are closer to the fakes than the real things. Sorry.


The last wing is a nice classic WWII USN pilot wing. Nothing at all wrong with them.



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