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K-1 High Altitude Flight Helmet on Ebay - Sally Ride?!

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Who knows why, I almost could foresee such an outcome.


So I had to write 'Yes, so it is' in order to not receive insults. I'm the first one to know what the topic was (Sally Ride's possible helmet?) but the simple fact I've permitted myself to retify the first line of post #4 was enough to make nervous the post's author (it's sufficient so little) - and this, without comproving (in the end) the opposite of my statement. Hope you will agree with that, but it's more likely not.


At least I know that in a Forum, topics can pretty well widen out a bit (still staying within the main discussion) otherwise it would become a mere school's lesson and not more.

If my posts, and the way I've written them, and their substance make me an ignorant I'm so hugely happy to be.

Actually I strongly suspect being a much different thing than an ignorant (and bet you so think too, am I right?...). Maybe in order not to be 'unpleasant', a topic should run always one-way. Of course so, in some's opinion.


Best of regards, why not.

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It seems to me that far too often, the “experts” of this world dazzle us with their ignorance when they should perhaps, shut up and learn.


The conundrum is - Who truly are the "experts" that we should listen to?


The ones who try to explain things without getting confrontational?

The ones who back up their words with facts and often time pictures?

The ones who say there truly are no experts?

The ones who tell others they need to "shut up and learn"?


Also I have seen just about every thread on this forum get off onto a tangent. :D Many times we learn something new. Many times the threads go downhill and get shut down. Many times they turn into a fun discussion.


Such is the life of being a forum. :)




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As stated previously, the question at hand was whether Sally Ride would have used a K-1 partial pressure suit helmet and that was what I endeavored to answer. I did not think a treatise on the USAF partial pressure suit program was in order as the salient point that I attempted to make was that Sally Ride didn’t join NASA until 20 years after the K-1 left service.


Yeah, this topic went off in the weeds big time, didn't it?


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Maybe it didn't go in the weeds,

or at least could be slightly enlarged by adding some more interesting notes. Bottom line is, barely 0.1% of the world are the true owners of knowledge (and slightly prone in getting irritated and writing insults). Balance 99.9% must 'shut up and learn' - that should be a Forum in someone's ideas.


Let's pass on, it's perhaps better. In the end I was talking about Partial Pressure helmets, i If wanted getting called ignorant I were going to write about football or TV shows.

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I am one of the 99,9% shut ups people but i still listen to people who give the forum some flavour by adding intressting facts and questions about the topics.

I'm glad you are on the forum BlueBookGuy and i know if there is a question about a topic ,you will always provided a great feedback.

Ignorant ??? Don't think so...

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Please remain civil...if not the thread will be locked.There are different knowledge levels and evidently different attitudes on the forum...if you are not interested in answering questions...don't bother to post.

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Just a side note on the main subject but I believe interesting though,


have searched on books and on the Web looking for a possible most lately date of anyone (operationally) using a 'old style' Partial Pressure suit, if not really the K-1 or MA-2 helmets.

As for what I've been able to find out, there was a handful U-2C pilots from a NASA detachment - AMES - that still was flying the old, basic variant of the Dragon Lady in late '90s in meteo/particle-gathering missions.


No longer K-1 helmet of course, but at least the very last derivative of the glorious family of Partial Pressure garment was compulsory being worn in U-2C's cramped confines. Named the T-100 and made by David Clark Co. in 1970-72 was indeed the ultimate in this concept of emergency garments, some 25 years after Prof. Henry of the California University developed the very first experimental pattern in early 1946.

Here being worn together with a more comfortable Full Pressure helmet, the same as used by TR-1 pilots. The last AMES U-2C was retired nothing less than in April 1989 (!!!!) thus making so far, the latest date for such a type of garment.


Here the photo taken from a book of mine.



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Very interesting exchange of information! I was fortunate enough to be the winning bidder of the K-1 helmet at the center of this lively discussion. I will say this: I agree that this helmet was never issued to or worn by Sally Ride (the NASA astronaut). Furthermore, there were no female pilots during this time period. However, it is interesting to note the masking tape that bears the name "Sally Ride" is very old and brittle - so its not a recent addition. I have no way to "date" the ink...so, I guess this will remain a mystery. Perhaps she was a flight helmet collector... :D

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Congrats Bagdad Aero Club. You know what you got and are not fooled by someone trying to enhance the price through deception. That said, I think we've pretty much exhausted this discussion. If anyone would like to continue with all the non-topic discussion, please open a new thread since this one has long left it's original intent.

"There is no such thing as an expert, only students with different levels of education."

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