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"Cavalry" cup and canteen question


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Hi all, please tell me:


1) In book "Manual for nonkomissioned officers and privates of cavalry of the army of the US, 1917",

shows aluminium mess cup Model of 1908. But the cavalry -man already It has included canteen, with its own cup.

Why was the need mess cup Model of 1908? Maybe someone can tell me?




2) Which soldiers used to "Cover, Canteen, Mounted, M-1910", with hook on the back side of the cover?

If I understand correctly, the cavalry was not used?


Thank you in advance for your response,






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To answer your question we need to understand that the Cavalry did not get the Model of 1910 Mounted Canteen, Cup and Cover Set. They continued to use Model of 1909 Tin Canteen. From late 1914 through 1915 the Cavalry considered it's options in using the 1910 Canteen Set. They didn't like carrying it on the belt and the Model 1910 Mounted Cover was proven to be too light weight for Cavalry service. The best solution by 1915 was to carry the canteen and cover in the saddle bag along with the M1908 Cup. (The Cavalry did not use the M1910 Cup with the canteen set at this time and continued to use the M1908.) This proved to be cumbersome. An idea forwarded from troops on the border was to rivet leather loops to the sides of the M1910 Dismounted Cover and use the Leather Canteen Carrying Strap from the M1909 Canteen. This became the forerunner of the M1917 Canteen Cover. I have and have seen several 1916 RIA Dismounted Covers modified in this way. The first specification for this cover was dated Jan. 12, 1917 and named Cover Model 1910 modified for use with the Macellan Saddle. It was changed on 2/16/1918 to Canteen Cover, Mounted, Model of 1917.


The photos in your post show two different things going on. The photo of the mounted trooper, shows either a modified cover with strap or an early M1917. The equipment layout photo shows 1915 to 1916 idea of keeping a dismounted canteen in the Saddle Bag with an M1908 Cup.

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Model of 1909 Tin Canteen.



Its model which was called the "cavalry canteen" ( with rectangular loops and leather strap), I understood correctly?

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jprostak Thank you for the excellent photos, everything is very well seen.

PS I wrote to you in a PM on eBay (about the drawings)

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