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Odd Air Force Chevrons...NOT THE STRAIGHT ONES!


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I recently got these. Along with a recent package, I got another blue one, making a pair. Any idea on the use? The colors seem AAF and USMC. They don't seem to be errors. They exist in all ranks of the early Air Force (in both colors).Thank you.



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Hi! Actually they are test chevrons in which it appears to have been a free for all in a Standard Brands paint store! The red chevrons have been call "hazard" chevron for such use as fire department situations. They never really saw any service of note. The old straight ones WERE the adopted chevrons for the lower 3. The purchase order went out and tens of thousands were manufactured! At the last moment Present Truman got involved and there was some concern that the smaller (WAF size) non were ever manufactured in the full size would cause a morale problem among the lower 3. Look up Young's book Into the Blue, USAF uniforms from 1947 to present. It has all of the info including Major Spinks USAF Msgt Ret, Civil Air Patrol Florida) and a much copied version of the chevrons as intended with the straight chevrons. Prior to issue they were killed off by CoS Hoyt Vandenberg and the upswept chevrons replacing the. You can get the book on Amazon.com and it is worth every penny! His vol 2 is coming out this summer with all of the other uniforms, Mess Dress, Ceremonial, AP, SP, SF Sage fatigues, Sateen fatigues, OD-105 and )D-107 green fatigues. All of the BDU's and DBU's as well as the ABU. Lots of photos to back up the statements made and lots of research into the USAF Uniform Board! Hope that helps.



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