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new navy flight helmet donation - helo crew

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This helmet was donated to me by one of my customers after seeing a display I set up at work over memorial day. He was a SAR swimmer with a helo squadron in the early 1980s. I still have to get his information and the squadron information from him.


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Your helicopter flight helmet could be a SPH-3C with a Kevlar shell and Nomex ear cup suspension. Also could be a modified

SPH-3B. The communications cable with amplifier could be used in USN helicopters such as later H-2, H-3, H-46, and H-53.

The H-60 used the same cable and amplifier as the S-3 Viking acft. I would have to agree with hink441 that the helmet was

used with the H-2 Seasprite because of the yellow tape HSL squadron marking. Is there a number in reflective tape also?

What are the contract dates on the short rubber communications cable and amplifier? For example ...82-C-... would be a 1982

contract. The Naval Air Station, squadron designation, etc. would be helpful to ID. Is the liner leather covered or a

nylon webbing/leather suspension?

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