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D-Day Glider Tribute

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This is a star recovered from CG-4A WACO glider by an officer in the 17th/82nd Abn Division WWII.




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Brian Dentino

That is awesome!!!!!!

Always looking for 325th G.I.R. and WWII USMC items!

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That's great! My friend George "Pete" Buckley, who was a glider pilot, cut one off a glider when he heard the war was over.


You have a great piece of history and really gives tribute to all those glider pilots. Thanks for sharing, especially on the D-Day Anniversary!

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That is very nice. Something I'd love to own.


My tribute to the Glider Pilots is happening here in Normandy right now.





All Airborne Troop Carrier items wanted especially uniform groupings and unit history books. Anything considered!!


Collector and researcher of IX Troop Carrier Command. Visit my Facebook page to see the research and collection.



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Awesome piece of history !

And nice picture Neil.


Memorial Brigadier General Don F. Pratt - 7 june 2015



As each year, I cross Hiesville many times, so beautiful little town with a lot of histories.
A missing plate of our control panel comes from a field of Hiesville.


In an aerial photo of ncap.org.uk, I found the Waco from which comes this plate.









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