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Vietnam era helicopter helmet?

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I got this helmet a few hrs ago at a local auction and wonder if it is Vietnam era, A fellow at the auction said it was not, It came w/ a bag w/ the name of Lawrence Newton written on it with a marker. Any info on this helmet will be most appreciated.



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Navy APH-5. Pictures are limited.I see no means to attach a mask. More than likely a helicopter helmet.Late 50's into the 60's.

More pictures would help,but this is my WAG.







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In this configuration. it is atypical US Army Early Vietnam era Helicopter Helmet. and it appears to be in fairly good shape.


Nice Score!

Wanted: USMC Helicopter related items

Collector of Marine Corps Helicopter / Rotary aviation items from the late 1940s to present


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For reference purposes and anyone interested, I found this description:


"Early APH-5 Quartermaster helmet made by Gentex in July 1961. It has the same thick foamrubber edgeroll as the
US Navy APH-5. The visor housing is made of glassfibre with metal edges along the visor lock knob track. The
headset is an H-75C/AIC, the latest version of the H-75 series also used in USAF P-4 and P-4A helmets. The micro-
phone is an M-33/AIC or M-33A/AIC banana boom mike. This helmet was white originally but was painted olive drab
as a field modification."


My helmet is the original white and has the M-33-A/AIC mic, but doesn't have the thick rubber edgeroll.

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Nice early 60s/early Nam era Army flight helmet. Fairly a standard setup for the Army til about 1966 in the white with the think rubber edge beading. I think 67 is when they changed over to OD and also changed the visor housings from the metal visor stops and the metal track under the visor knob. Army fixed wing crews wore these helmets as well such as O-1 Bird Dog and OV-1 Mohawk crews. Sometimes you would see them with the leather tabs that had snaps for the earlier O2 mask attachement and also might see them with the chrome Hardman Tool and Die christmas tree O2 mask recivers or early Sierra self adjust O2 mask bayonet recievers. If they had mask attachemnet hardware it would usually have been used in a OV-1B Mohawk that was equippped for the high altitude SLAR mission.


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Really nice unmodified helmet! The earlier version had a thicker tan rubber edgeroll, leather tabs with snaps for the oxygen

mask, and a push button style visor lock knob. The last version in white had plastic visor housing with plastic side visor

tracks, and a tapered visor lock knob with large center screw. Then came the olive drab manufactured APH-5. As stated above,

many of the white helmets were painted olive drab. The designation APH-5A could stand for the APH-5 series with the plastic

visor tracks and plastic visor housing. There were USN/USMC APH-5 and APH-5A helmets also, but they were somewhat different

in configuration.

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Many for the helmet info!


The bag it came with had the name "Lawrence Newton". Based on the helmet, what other key words could I use to find out any more info on the owner, e.g. pilot, Army, helicopter, etc.

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very nice..still has the sizing pads, and clean...unmolested....looks to be right out of the box...no sweat stains etc...hardware is crisp and clean...no rust or corrosion on the inner screw backs...earcup cushions are very nice, spring covers not ripped...sweet deal...

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