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1964 Very Light Men's Flight Coverall


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Picked these items up at the flea market this weekend.



I have quite a lot of current military flight coveralls, which I often find at local thrift stores, however not one this old.


It's dated 4 September 1964 (which is just two years younger than me!). No patches on it, however there is very light shadow where USAF patches would have been affixed just above both breast zippered pockets.



Along with the suit I picked up a pair of Anti-G Cutaway bottoms, and a few components of a drogue chute.











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The sage green-gray K-2B flight suit was the standard USAF issue flight suit until being phased out by the sage green Nomex CWU-27/P around 1969.

The USAF and later USN/USMC cutaway anti-g suit appears to be dated 1983 and is in a 1980s-early 1990s configuration. Hope this helps.

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