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you have some contrat here


NOs-65704 16 Mar 1939 (TBX, TBX-1)

NOs-71808 15 Feb 1940 (TBX, TBX-1)

NOs-81118 22 Jan 1942 (TBX-2)

NXsr-35352 30 Jul 1943 (TBX-6, TBX-7)


NXss-18179 19 Nov 1942 (TBX-4, TBX-4a)


NXss-31870 28 Jun 1943 (TBX-5)

NXsr-38500 22 Apr 1944 (TBX-8)

NXsr-69224 02 Mar 1945 (TBX-8)

NXsr-71254 28 Jul 1944 (TBX-8)


from this website




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