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Painted Vietnam Era Helicopter Helmet

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Got this one in the mail today from a guy in MN.

He told me he picked it up 20 yrs or so ago at a gun show from a Vietnam vet.

The best part about it is the really cool paint job on the back of the helmet.

Any thoughts are appreciated.




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Very cool.

I was lucky to get this one.

When I first emailed the seller he would only sell me this helmet and a Swiss helmet (which I did not want) for $100 more than I paid.

I declined and waited a couple of weeks.

Then I emailed him again and said, "Are you sure you wont just sell me the Heli helmet."

I guess he was tired of trying to make it a package deal and relented.

He told me he got it at a gun show 20 years ago from a vet.

Who knows if the story is true but I really like it and it looks aged.

Thanks again for all of the kind comments.

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