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Help with A.O. goggles. Correct for an early Navy WW2 head display?

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thanks to anyone who can clear some doubts. Had been offered here in Europe a small WW2 USN aviator's grouping for head display, just I'm not sure about those American Optical goggles if correct or not for a 1942 aviator still using a Type 'C' oxy. mask.


I'm tempted since there would be no customs-related extra costs if going on with this deal within E.U. - simply, mask doesn't come without the goggles (wich I still miss though). Have looked carefully at goggles - rubber cushion seems showing some larger marks from a different metal frame (like if it was previously on a AN-6530 pattern), or maybe not this case?

Aside from that, could they be correct in the timeframe, or a MK-II (or AN-6530) would fit better?


And a last question: have been told a 'standard' TH-30 throat mike would be comprised at almost no cost, but unsure whether such a mike is OK for a Navy display?

Thanks!! Franco.



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Not sure if the AO goggle are issue goggles... have seen WWII military aviators wearing this pair of goggle...I think they were private purchase...If the price is right...I would buy em in heart beat...


the cushion does look like it had been on a pair of AN6530s though...or B-7s...even if a put together set...would look good on your navy aviator...

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Thanks 'Fixer.

Also asked a collector here in Italy, he states these goggles are 'absolutely correct and not just for early WW2', I have some doubts. Certainly were privately purchase more than govt. issue, even so I'm uncertain as for a more precise timeframe - and how about that cushion?


However no way to see them personally. Concerning the MSA mask, I think a RS-76 throat mike is the only chance to get a correct display since the RS-83 integral mike is missing here.

Do not believe a TH-30 would be OK.

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There are many variables with USN aviators and they used odd stuff throughout the war.

It is plausible that a throat mic was used with that oxygen mask.. same with the goggles.


it came down to personal preference and what was available.







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I do not know much about mics but the goggles would work for sure...not sure if the cushion is original or not...could be a banair repop.. I have one cushion from them, still on a pair of my AN6530's...hard to tell...aside from the minor corrosion stain, the cushion is pretty clean...

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Hi Franco,

I think you will find that those are A/O Sky-Lookout goggles. Originally Navy issue from the period, but not for pilots, rather for shipboard lookouts. The original split-pads, which were stitched to the frame, have been removed and replaced with an AN-6530 pad and the very dark, almost black-looking lenses replaced with amber ones. Whether done 70 + years ago, or recently, is a mater of speculation. More appropriate for display with the MSA C mask would be Navy Mk-I or Mk-II goggles.


The T-30 mic was a USAAF, not US Navy item. Although I have seen photos of it in VERY limited use by Navy / Marine aviators during the war, it was never issued on an official basis, rather akin to something picked up by an individual when operating along side USAAF units that were so equipped.

Regards, Paul

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Thanks Paul very much -


well at least that could comprove the good-looking AN-6530 pad is a original one, not repro, being stained by what seems to be an old and somehow rusty nosebridge?

It's also true the grouping (C mask + A.O. goggles + T-30 mike) would come at a price I'm used seeing on Internet for just one pair of so-so AN-6530. My thought was about possibly putting the A.O. on a foamhead that already carries a basic M-450 helmet (leather pockets and TH 37 + extension cable) and sunglasses, and leaving the mask available for a second future head.


That in turn commands a RS-76 throat mike I suppose, but who knows I'll be able in finding one someday. Barely a couple days still available if I'll decide to go on.

Thanks again - Franco.

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