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M-16 Magazine collectors Vietnam Era


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This thread is bringing back a bad, sad, memory. In 1975 at Offutt AFB I was back at the Armory after my annual qualifying with the M16 to clean and return the rifle. There was a barrel in the Armory full of Waffle magazines. they were going out to be scrapped. Never gave it a thought at that time.

It first came back to me a few years later looking at an add in the Sarco flyer. They were selling off surplused waffle magazines for, (at that time), seemed to be a ridiculous price. Wish I'd bought them all now. :wacko:

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My brother put together a tutorial on M16 magazines in 1999 on Biggerhammer.net. This was before AR15/M16 stuff got really hot. It's still a good guide, and you can see what prices were like 17 years ago...




Here's another link to manufacturers:




David Albert


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Almost every time I take some time and read a post about "Stuff" that I don't necessarily collect, I learn something new.


Thank You to all who have posted and educated

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