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Censored Letter to WAC in ETO


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Found a pack of letters from PFC Lillian M.( Margie) Hamlett of Erie,PA today. Most were from her to her is back home and told of life in Basic Training at Daytona, FL. Talks about the heat, the sand, and the torrential rainstorms. Tells of inspections and the usual G.I. duties. There were a couple which were sent by an acquaintance CPL George D. Shermak of the 15thTraffic Regulation Group to Margie when she was assigned to Hq&HqSq. ASC, USSTAF ( whatever that was) One letter had been gone over by the censor and had his seal of approval. I laughed when I was reading it as I came to the two censored parts.Seems Cpl. Shermak had mentioned some locations where he was at and where she might be they were removed .I had always heard of the letters having words cut out, but until today had never seen any examples. Has a dried up rubber band on the envelope.


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nice find, cutting out locations and other information was pretty common- I have quite a few letters where this has been done.

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Margie Hamlett would have been in this outfit. A couple of sections from a Yard Long that was shown of the forum a while back.



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