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Best way to present a war trophy flag


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It's not tough to do some online research and discover the recommended ways to mount and display documents, insignia and patches, but when I search for the same on flags, I end up with a huge amount of data on how to present flags at ceremonies and such and nothing about mounting for displays.

I have a hinomaru yosegaki (good luck) war trophy flag I'd like to display, but I figure the details of how to do such a thing are just as valid for US unit guidons or other flags, so I thought I would ask here, especially as I have seen a few mounted and displayed in a similar manner in the pinned displays threads.

My initial idea is to use a matted poster frame. As with paper, the matting provides some airspace between the viewing pane and the object and helps prevent condensation. But instead of using archival strips, I'm unsure of the best method to attach the flag to backing, and what to use for backing.


Is it necessary to use acid free mounting board? Is there a better mounting method that stainless steel pins? My initial thought was to use that foam core board that architecture students use for models, as it would provide a good backing to pin the flag to. I don't want to use tape, and considered fabric tape, but worried it would be bad for the delicate silk, so that is how I ended up there, but if there is a better method, please lay it on me!


Thanks in advance.

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Although I am not an archivist or conservator, I would suggest backing the foam core with some acid free archival muslin, and then sewing the flag edges to that with very fine thread. As we like to keep things reversible. The air gap is always a great idea between the glass, it is amazing how moisture can build up in things like that. Some antique quilt people even use a "mesh" that they sew over the fronts of the quilts to provide support when displayed vertically. Good luck!

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Not an expert in mounting flags, but I would definitely use something that is acid free if that item comes in contact with your flag. I've seen what happens to mounted documents and other ephemera if those things are mounted with non-acid free paper or a non-acid free backing board, and it ain't pretty. Also make sure that the flag is not displayed where direct sunlight can hit it. Mr. Sun is not the friend of flags.


Hope this helps.

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Thanks! Yes, the display will in a room with a north facing window, and on the north wall, with a bookcase between it and the sun and I'll also try to get a frame with UV protecting glass, just in case. Sewing it to some archival muslin with fine thread sounds like a better idea than the one I had of pinning it.

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