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Help with Bitburg Eagles 36th Tac Ftr Wing Plaque and Painting

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This was the 36th Tactical Fighter Wing at Bitburg AB, Germany but in 1977 or 78 they converted from F-4 to F-15 fighters so I'd say that this is 1980s. The base is now closed. I was stationed there from Feb 1974 thru Feb 1976. I recall going to the Paris Airshow in 1975 and the US aircraft F14, F15 and F-16 were the BEST ....all eyes were on US aircraft. WOW

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Bitburg transitioned from Phantoms to Eagles in 1977. Nearby Spangdahlem kept the Phantoms for Wild weasel duties. My dad (Avionics) was one of the last to PCS in '77, much more turnover when you change planes. I think that was the first deployment outside CONUS for USAF? There are no mountains like that near Bitburg, those look Alpine, which is symbolic of Germany, so I wonder if the print was to commemorate the initial deployment? Patches are very familiar. Artist - not.

F-15 was an awesome plane, shattered the vertical climb record (faster than a Saturn rocket) and even had a satellite killer package. Under optimal conditions could generate almost twice as much thrust as body weight. I've always admired them.

Since Bitburg was so packed with turnover when we arrived, we ended up living on the Saur, near Luxemburg. Village was littered with relics from where the 10th Infantry Rgt set foot on Germany. And Bulge area was about an hour away. If I could only get a message to my younger self - SAVE SOME OF THAT STUFF, DUMMY! Sigh.

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