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Current production M1907 sling sources- best and why


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Hi. I will be purchasing a new-manufacture M1907 sling for a 1903A3 rifle made in 1943. In the past I have gone to gun shows and bought halves of originals here and there, or found repros that look good and are good quality and gotten them fairly cheap, but the manufacturer of those is a mystery; the sellers never seem to know what they have and fifteen bucks later, I have a sling.


But this time I would like to buy from a supplier directly. I have heard good things about Turner Saddlery and El Paso Saddlery M1907 slings.


To be honest, the photo of the El Paso M1907 looks fantastic, but I know photos can be fickle things.


Who do you recommend?

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I've heard good things about Turner, and if I wanted to spend top $ on a repro sling I would likely buy from them.


I bought a "defect" M1907 sling for $10 from ATF and like it a lot...I've oiled it several times and it now looks great

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