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WWII Chest Pack Parachute

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A friend of mine acquired the case for a WWII chest pack parachute without the canopy, "24 ft Diameter, Part No. 44J18774-1 Date of Mfg Aug 1945" It comes with the "Parachute Log Record" which shows the last Inspection and Repack as 12-5-66.


Does anyone out there have any info on this equipment?



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44J18774-1 is the drawing number for the pattern used for late model T-5 and early model T-7 troop reserves with three handles. Based on the date of manufacture, this would most likely be a T-7.
Based on the date of the last inspection & repack, this was probably surplused and used as a civilian reserve postwar, as by that time virtually all T-5 and early T-7 gear had been cycled through military inventories. Most civilian rigs in the postwar period were just surplus gear pieced together and modified. If you have any pictures, those would greatly help.

www.theriggerdepot.com - Replica WWII Parachute Gear

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