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Relaint 1952 parachute

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Hi there,


Do anybody know in what plane this chute is used for ? F-86 , P-80 , P-51?

Found this chute with a fellow collector and trade this chute for a russian flight helmet post war so i think good deal B) .

What do you guys think?





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The current incarnation of that chute is still being used. The NB8 are still used in T-38's and F5's. They were used in T-34s up until their retirement. Still brining used in C-2, C-130, P-3, and T-39 aircraft

World Famous Ejection Seat Tester

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The early 1950s olive drab 28ft back style parachute with harness differed from the USN/USMC in having the T shaped Capewell riser release fittings on the shoulders. The USN/USMC Navy Back style NB-6 and NB-8 parachutes did not have riser releases. Also, the USAF had a H type harness and the USN/USMC had a V type chest strap harness. The color for these harnesses changed to sage green during the mid to late 1950s. The USN/USMC NB-6 parachute used a 26ft. chute and the US Army, USN/USMC NB-8 used a 28ft chute. The T-38 and F-5 used a variation of the USAF Back Automatic opening BA-22. The T-38 acft. used by the USAF and NASA are being upgraded with a lightweight Martin-Baker ejection seat which uses a torso parachute harness similar to the PCU-15/P. The USN F-5 may still use a BA-22 variant? As far as I know, the T-34 used the NB-6 in USN/USMC service. I believe the C-2 Greyhound uses parachutes on special occasions

and the C-130 and P-3 upgraded to a slim pack vacuum sealed type parachute. Not sure the latest on the T-39. Some of the 1980s-

1990s NB-8 and possibly NB-6 containers were olive drab with sage green trim and harnesses.

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I have 3 chutes from helping out an old A&P mechanic clean out his barn of memoirs (actually a metal shed with concrete floor).

Two are 1942 silk pilot chutes, 1 is a 1955 nylon pilot chute. They are all in great shape, when I figure out how to post media

here I will put the photos out. They all have packing cards, the two WWII ones were jumped and repacked 3 times with the

last time being in 1949 in a suburb of St. Louis, MO.

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I have an identical chute and pack with the log book...was used by an Air Refueling Sq at Langley AFB in the late 50s...flying KB-29s and KB-50s...so same style chute was used on several types of airframes....


wire...would like to see your chutes....

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