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1965 Prototype Tiger Stripe Camouflage Uniform Set

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That's dope!!

Thanks again for posting!

I think I have also seen a 8 piont cover with the tag before!?

Also very interesting to see the Far East Command contract number on the tag DA-92-321-FAC-2545, similar FAC contracts has been assigned for earlier tigers too.

I got a new set just dated a couple weeks after it when the production for this particular model was already online.


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Counter Insurgency Support Office ( CISO ) PROTOTYPE Tiger Stripe Beret, with Original approval tags reads:DAJB09-69-M-0214,Beret, Camuflage, Size S ( Beret interior is marked M). Dated 1969.Tiger Stripe Liner.Jason Hardy adquired from Conrad "Ben" Baker,and recently I adquired from Jason Hardy. it is a FANTASTIC Piece of Tiger Stripe History.








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The CISO Prototype Tiger stripe Beret is in my possession.

Jason,not yet removed the CISO Prototype Tiger stripe Beret that belonged to Conrad " Ben " Baker from the Dog Tag militaria website.



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