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Please Help Me ID or find more Info on this Vintage Radione German? Military Radio

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We got this vintage radio, the person at the sale told me it came off a sub, my gut tells me that this could be from "maybe" German Navy (Kriegs Marine). Perhaps on small type ships. I would like to know more about this Foreign radio, Could you help me?

What we do know:

*We did test it - when we plugged it in and made static..
*It has a small logo\emblem on upper left area on case "RADIONE".
*There is also "24 volts" near the male connector were the cord female connector has options for 110, 150, 190 or 220.
*The knobs or dials appear to work properly.*
*pair of untested Dfh.b headphones
*no antenna present

The info plate says:
Radiotechnische Fabrik
Wien,V.Gartengasse 14-16
"CAN NOT READ" R2 Fabr no. 10749
Volt 110-220/24 Per. ~/=
Vor Feuchtigkeit schutzen




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I think that is a civilian model. I did find a "Wehrmacht R3" from RADIONE, but this one has cities listed on the tuning dial and typically military gear only listed frequencies: most countries then had national shortwave broadcasters, operating on multiple frequencies and civilian radios often the dial location of the main or strongest signal from a given city.


It is quite an interesting radio, being able to run on 110-220 volts and 24 volts DC.







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As a reply to the multi voltages, Different country's in Europe during the war especially France had different voltages between the region's, Paris would have a different voltage to say Normandy. You will find spy sets like SOE and OSS sets have this multi voltage setting.

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The R2 was adopted from a prewar Austrian car and portable radio. If you look around on You Tube you can find some U-boat videos that show it playing in a U-boat where on some subs it was a 'morale radio' for broadcast reception. The R-3 version had no city listings and could receive telegraphy but looks quite similar, based on same receiver. R3 was carried on U-boats as emergency or landing party radio much like many U.S. Navy ships carried the TBX radio and later, GRC-9. The headphones don't belong with the R-2; it was supplied without headphones.

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Oh yeah. For an entertainment type radio, the closure method is acceptable, but for the communications set R3, the 'friction fit' back cover closure seems

pretty cheezy. The radios aren't very well moisture proofed and they do like to rust. And of course, better check the lytic filter caps before anyone plugs it in.

The obscured part of the label just says "Typ".

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