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I am researching early jet age helmets circa 1945. Found this helmet and I just can't ID this decal. I am almost certain it is gas/oil related but all my searches have come up empty. Anyone know what this logo is?

BTW I am awaiting the helmet but I am told it is a heavily modified M-1 inner liner.


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They are called speed balls.A common theme on motorcycles.Harley Davidson used them in metal form as a saddle bag decoration in the forties.







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Thanks for the ID. I searched the web and did in fact find some things that are really close to the Speedballs but nothing that matches "exactly". Honestly, I think your ID is spot on. Given the size and the design, they really do look like they could be tank decals for a Harley. What else has a left and right side? But... the military often appropriates things for their use. Just wondering if anyone has seen something like this in military use. I am thinking 1945-50 early jets (P-80 and F-80). Maybe F-84.

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