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WAVES hat and jacket

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Just picked these up from a friend who bought them at an auction 3 days ago. He said these two items plus a lot of WW2 USN wool jumpers, cap and pair of pants (all named to the same sailor) came together. I don't collect women's items per say but thought these were pretty neat. I'm assuming the hat is WW2 (named plus WAVES label) but what about the jacket? It has removable buttons which are not present but the label is different. I cannot find a name on it. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks and Happy Mother's Day to all the mothers out there! PS, my wife's name is Peggy so that's how I got away with this purchase!


post-3604-0-82340900-1462719766.jpg post-3604-0-59581500-1462719773.jpg


post-3604-0-25163700-1462719779.jpg post-3604-0-89932500-1462719784.jpg




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I believe the jacket is post WWII, but the only difference is the label. I have examples with both labels and don't see any difference between them. The correct buttons I believe are 35 line black plastic, which are not too hard to find.



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Great uniform! The rate of a radioman is interesting. Haven't seen many of them.


I checked the book "Dressed for Duty" regarding the labels. It shows this one as being a second design and perhaps Post WWII. I have not been able to find exactly when the labels changed.






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