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Crew Question: Radio Halftrack in Armored FA Bn.


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I'm towards the end of my M2 halftrack build to replicate the vehicle that a man in my collection drove. He was in the 342nd AFAB, and the only picture I have of the vehicle is from behind with several M7 Priests along the horizon. As I am outfitting the vehicle and building the crew, I realized I wasn't sure how many people would be in the thing. I am planning to put a driver in it (my guy), a man in the passenger seat fiddling with a carbine, a radio operator, and an officer who is leaning on the back and interacting with two MPs when it is all finished. An M7 Priest moving forward will also be in the final display.


I may not build the full crew (maybe somebody's off "souvenir hunting?"), but would at least like to have musette bags for the full crew, maybe.


Any advice on how many ought to be there would be much appreciated.

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