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Capt Kristen Griest First Female Infantry Officer


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Way to go Capt Griest and all of the other women who are working hard, making history, and helping pave the way for women in the military. It is a complete shame to read the last part about fakers using her name.




Capt. Kristen Griest, one of the first women to earn the coveted Ranger tab, will once again make history by becoming the Army’s first female infantry officer.Griest is expected to graduate from the Maneuver Captain's Career Course on Thursday wearing the distinctive blue infantry cord, officials confirmed to Army Times.


More women are expected to follow in her footsteps; the Army earlier this month announced that it had approved requests from 22 female cadets to enter as second lieutenants in the infantry and armor branches. Thirteen of the new officers will enter into the armor branch, the other nine will go infantry. After commissioning, the new officers must successfully complete branch-specific training before they will qualify as infantry and armor officers.


Other initiatives include combat arms reclassification opportunities for enlisted women, and the opening of officer, warrant officer and enlisted assignment opportunities with the 75th Ranger Regiment, a unit previously closed to women.


As it prepares to integrate its previously closed branches and specialties, the Army is using a “leader first” approach, with plans to put in place officers before assigning new enlisted soldiers to operational units.


Griest, a 2011 West Point graduate, has since kept a low profile, shying away from media attention. That has not stopped fakers from using her name and photo on social media; a Facebook search yields at least a dozen fake profiles bearing her name. Some bear her name and Haver's photo

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Good for her and those brave women that will follow in her footsteps!


Thank you Captain Greist!

"Lead the way!"

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Read the article this morning, good for her and I'm sure we all wish her the best of luck in her new adventure. Bada$$

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This young female Captain has broken down a barrier that was exclusively a men's only profession. Congratulations to her and her future endeavors..



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The thread is a salute to the Captain's accomplishment. ..not what gender is the smartest or more able.The Federal Government has decided what protocol will be followed .I have removed some posts already.

So, no "Battle of the Sexes"...we will continue to monitor this thread...civility is required.

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If our sons have to register for the draft, then our daughters should register as well.


The US is behind the times when it comes to women serving in the military.

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True equality for men and women is no Draft at all. Qualified volunteers only. We have little need for unsuitable or reluctant warriors that are forced to serve.


I remember Vietnam and we all know how that Draft worked out.


And no, I did not burn my Draft Card.




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