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USN Aviator FAK ID

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Marked in red on front with red cross and USN

but the inner tag is civil manufacture...there are two in the same lot and was wondering if USGI and from what era?

Has two snaps and a cardboard bottom stiffener..

Were they part of a survival kit?

and the do they carry any value empty...



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Its a first aid kit that contained a small plastic box with morphine syrettes, sea sickness pills, and other odds and ends. Issued with the PK Raft kit but not carried in the raft case. WW2 era and a little after. A bandage was in the pouch under the cover. I don't believe the case only is worth alot. You see them all the time on E Bay






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I was once told that if the snaps have a "stippled" finish (like the one shown) the kit was WW II but if the snaps had a smooth finish it was a post war kit. I'm sure Owen would know if that is true or not.

Always looking for 4th Fighter Group and 490th Bomb Group items.






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