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P-51 Info Needed

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Trying to find out anything on the plane. It was in a grouping with Gen. Richard Cross who flew mustangs in WW2. I looked up the tail number but didt find anything. Not sure if I was looking on the wrong sites.


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P-51B 354 WR-L Cross Lt. Richard G Jr. 42-106896 P-51B 354 WR-W Woolard Lt. Marion L Lost in this a/c 16 Nov 44 - POW 10298

Try Googling 42-106896, The 10298 is the MACR, Missing Aircrew Record number.

Also here: http://www.americanairmuseum.com/aircraft/2353

And from this page, it appears to half a half share in a Ju87 destroyed: http://forum.12oclockhigh.net/showthread.php?t=20172&page=2

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Ok cool thanks, ya it says he had 2 confirmed kills and shared 2 others (3.5), so I wonder if that was one of the 1/2 kills he was credited with.

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