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Blue denim overseas cap

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Last night, I purchased a large uniform grouping to vet that was a mechanic in the 6th AAC in WWII. Among the items was this denim overseas cap. I haven't seen this type of headgear before, nor have I heard of it. Is anyone familiar with this cap? There is no QM tag. The cap does not appear to be theater made.







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On page 99 of Stanton's book US ARMY UNIFORMS OF WORLD WAR II there's a photo of three soldiers wearing the "1940-pattern blue denim work clothing" and one of them clearly is wearing a denim garrision cap such as the one in your photo. I would imagine those are pretty rare.


There's a post on this forum showing some blue denim uniforms: http://www.usmilitariaforum.com/forums/ind...33&hl=denim

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I actually have that book, but most of the stuff featured in it is experimental, and I never got familiar with the book because I doubted that I would ever find that type of stuff. I will check that page out tonight.

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