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Captured weapons.... (by the Germans)

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This ones interesting right, the British helmets there, wonder where they came from since it appears the POWs are all American's, unless there were a few British in the group, if so how??? Maybe foto taken at Anzio???



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Based on the year of when the previous photo was taken, I guess this one was taken in North-Africa or Italy.

So here are more pictures of Germans with captured American vehicles during this campaigns

Looks like Rommel in a staff car in the background....I don't believe he ever commanded in Italy, so likely North Africa....Bodes

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So the OP said he's become a sort of historial advisor for video games and I see this post was originally from 2016 so just wondering- anything you've worked on been released yet? I'm into those types of games.


It has been released a while ago, however, I didn't tell in this topic.

Anyway, the game is called Post Scriptum


You can find it on Steam.

Recently, the US airborne division were added, so if you want to replay Market Garden in a realistic video game, this is it.

Looking to buy D-Day and 101st/82nd related groupings

Doolittle Raider Jacob DeShazer: 'If you declare with your mouth, 'Jesus is Lord', and believe in your heart that God raise Him from the dead, you will be saved (Romans 10:9)





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A couple M1917A1 helmets in the pile.

The photo was taken in Normandy according to linedoggie, so very odd indeed these would be U.S. M1917 tin hats at this late date, I was thinking they would be English.

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Three never before posed ones from the 1978 Encyclopedia of German Tanks World War Two.


First up is a U.S. Halftrack formally of the 9th Armored Division's 52nd Armored Infantry, the German's while evidently painting over the unit vehile number leaves the unit number, they painting Balkan Crosses on it, plus the WH on that storage box, For thse who don't know, WH stands for Wehrmacht Herres. Halftrack probably acquired in the Ardennes, and used by unknown German unit and ultimately either abandoned by them or knocked out by the Americans.



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Came across a few photos of capture Halftracks in use by the Jerries.


They officially called the U.S. Halftrack the Gepanzerter Mannschaftstransportwagen M3 401(a), here's one in Normandy on the move, man in this camouflaged erbeute vehicle probably Army and wearing an old or reissue or personally acquired Tropical Cap.



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Now this one is definitely in Italy because it carries the Divisional Symbol of the 4th Parachute Division, the Komet of the 4.Fallschirmjäger Division.




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This one of an unknown unit, location looks like Africa right, bleached Caps, overcoats et. This one has been heavily modified into some kind of Flakwagon or something, in the manner of some their Flakwagon's right!



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Another one, looks like Africa too, tan colored uniforms and painted helmets, this one has a Flak Kannone mounted into it after capture, haven't ascertained the type of cannon that is yet, will shop this around on WMF, maybe it too is a Erbeute model, Czech. Polish???





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And finally, this one with the camouflaged with light colored painted spots all over, it looks like one of those Tank Destroyer Halfracks used by the Rangers, so pretty sure this is in Italy.



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One could almost think that German halftrack was from a 50s-60s wwii movie!

Looking for the following:

452nd and 447th Bomb Group items

Anything 12th Armored- especially uniforms

155th Assault Helicopter Company, Camp Coryell, or Ban Me Thuot Vietnam items[/center]

WWII US Navy Uniforms from the Battle Off Samar: USS Johnston DD-557, USS Hoel DD-553, USS Samuel B. Roberts DE-413, USS Heermann DD-532, USS Dennis DE-405, USS John C. Butler DE-339, USS Raymond DE-341, USS Fanshaw Bay St. Lo, White Plains, Kalinin Bay, Kitkun Bay and Gambier Bay...


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