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Can anyone identify this flying helmet?


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Hi all, this is a picture of the "Gyro Captain" from the move "The Road Warrior" - can anyone identify the make/model of his flying helmet - the goggles look like RAF MK IVb WW2 goggles, but after weeks/months of searching on Google etc I cannot find the helmet - the 3 grommets on the ears are very distinctive, and I also notice that there is no chin-piece. The movie was made in the early 80s in Australia and it's likely that this was a "found item" i.e. not manufactured.


I'm making a 100% accurate costume, so need the exact model and make. From the pics I also wonder if it's leather or canvas/cotton? When zooming in closely I wonder if it's canvas?


All suggestions welcome.




P.S. Does anyone know a source of the RAF Goggles in US? They seem quite expensive and I may manufacture them from a replica set of motorcycle googles if needed.



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