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Lieutenant (jg) Norma Jean Kremis, U. S. N. R. WW2


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Here is a grouping to Norma Jean Kremis who was born in Greenville, Pennsylvania on September 5, 1922. She was a 1943 graduate of Slippery Rock State Teachers College in Slippery Rock, Pennsylvania. Kermis worked as a Physical Education teacher at Franklin High School at the Franklin School District in Franklin, Pennsylvania, before enlisting in the WAVES in 1944. She attended the V-9 program, the United States Navy Midshipman’s School at Smith College in Northampton, Massachusetts which was the training grounds for junior officers of the Woman’s Reserve of the U.S. Naval Reserve (WAVES). The Naval Training Station at Northampton was nicknamed U.S.S. Northampton. After graduation she was assigned to Naval Operations at the Navy Department, Washington D.C. Kremis served at Naval Operations until she was Honorably Discharged from the United States Navy on June 20, 1946. After the war she worked as the Director of Guidance in the West Allis School District in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Kremis was a Red Cross Volunteer for at least fifteen years. Norma Jean Kremis died in Milwaukee, Wisconsin on July 23, 1998.










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Nice! Thanks for sharing. I've had other WAC and WAVE groupings where the lady was an ARC worker before the war. I take it this lady was with the ARC AFTER the war.

Another fine vet I'd like to have met.

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Wonderful grouping! So many WWII veterans continued to serve our country after the war ended. Another fine example of wonderful female veteran!


Thanks for posting...Kat

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