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Engraved PH to Surviving POW

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Harold Olen Whetstone, Stalag XII A

Here is an excellent small group the museum just received from the family of PFC Whetstone, who we think was a member of the 106th ID and captured during the Battle of the Bulge. Among his artifacts is an engraved (!?) Purple Heart (he passed away in 2003), his German POW ID tag and a ribbon bar that includes the Silver Star. We have just begun the research, and would appreciate any assistance. On one POW research page I found, it appears to me that it says he was captured on September 6, of 1944, not possible if he was 106th. So, maybe he was with the 9th ID. There is both a 106th and 9th ID SSI’s in the small group. Major questions we have at the moment is what unit was he actually in and what his Silver Star was awarded for. Also, is this an official engraving? I was under the impression that WW II Era PH”s were only engraved for KIA’s. The Heart does not have a serial number.

Thanks for looking and for any assistance, hope you enjoyed seeing this small but powerful group.






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It is officially engraved. Officially engraved were not just for kia's but pows and wia just not many wia got engraved just not as often.

Always looking 33rd infantry division items as well as named items from Illinois but particulary Northern Illinois especially northwest Illinois








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