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MKII question

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when WWII started many hunting knives were purchased oft he shelf for military issue. 5'' hunting knives were designated MKI by the navy. My question is what knife brand was th knife that waas designated the MKII. I hope this is clear.

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If you are talking about the "Ka-Bar"/Mark 2 this might help. It's a post I copied to my computer many years ago by Frank Trzaska.


"kabar was the first to make the 1219C2 Fighting Utility knife in WW II. The blade was a common Kabar design they had been making from the 1930's perhaps even before that. The knife was made beefier in the blade width and the grooves were added to the handles but the blade profile with the large ricasso area and the fuller are all pure Kabar commercial design. Kabar made the knives first and also had the first contract in 1942. Camillus did not have a contract until 4 or 5 months later in 1943. Camillus did have the first Navy contract but again it was months after Kabar had been making that knife. The Marines were first and the Navy second."



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USMC Fighting knife was adopted on November 23, 1942. First producer was Union Cutlery aka Ka-Bar. Navy adopted this knife on April 13, 1943 as USN Mark 2.

1st Lt. Pavel "Padre" Poch

D Comp. 194 GIR 17 AB

Re-enacting group Czech republic








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