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MX-41/AR ear cushions.. era?

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I always assumed, yeah I said it, they were signal corps issue for the 1940s HS-33 headset....they fit the ANB-H-1A receivers and the R-14 receivers...maybe a little loose on the R-14?


would like to know more about these cushions myself...

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I will check when I get home as to which receivers they were on...

it was a HS-33 headset IIRC.


bought it off ebay but when it arrived it was in really bad shape and cobbled together.. got a partial refund and kept the rest for parts. (because I'm a hoarder lol)









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This style of ear cushion was in service by January 1945 with the USN/USMC according to Jeff Warner's book on WWII USN flying clothing and gear. Not sure when the MX-41/AR designation was adopted. I believe that this cushion replaced the thin black rubber ones and the USN/USMC red rubber TC 66 and was then replaced by the larger rubber/chamois NAF ones. The USAAF used a larger sponge rubber (available in black and brown) cushion early in the war. I have seen photos of PBJ Mitchell crews wearing the HS-33 headset with ANB-H-1 receivers. Not sure if plug is marked PL-54 or NAF... with these headsets in USMC PBJ use. HS-33 used by USAAF, USMC, and possibly with some USN aircraft during WWII.

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Good info...thanks for that...maybe not correct for 1943 AAF, but they do hold up a lot better than the foam cushions used early....have had a few pair of these over the years..most were victims of age and heat damage, or just dried out...

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