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Anyone know what year and model this Slote & Klein is?

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Trying to find out info on this helmet, I looked at the contracts that where listed elsewhere on here and im thinking late 43 early 44? What model is it? Electronics WW2? It has 2 chinstraps, the pigskin one I don't think is original, whats it for? Googles are M-1944 polaroid. Comms cord has a medal band that says Headset HI/AR? any help would be appreciated.



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All looks ww2 but never seen the leather chinstrap like that looks like it may be from a football helmet or something?






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With the exception of the chin cup, everything else shown is a WW2 vintage, U.S. Navy contract, item. The helmet is a AN-6540 summer type, made in 1943-1944. The ANB-H-1 headset was made by Aviometer Corp., is unique to that manufacturer, and was only used by the Navy (and /or USMC). The M1944 goggles are also a Naval aviation item, distinguishable by their chamois backing and gray elastic and fabric strap. They are marked "US" on the right side and "1944" on the left. Later production of those goggles, from 1945, will be so dated, show "USN" on the right and have a simplified, all elastic strap.

As for the chin cup, it is not military and appears to be from a Riddell football helmet from the 1950s-1960s.

Regards, Paul

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