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Captured Details From Yard Longs


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A couple of 1960 yardlongs taken a month apart at the school of infantry at Camp Pendleton...couple of interesting tidbits, seems to be two different cycles:


September 1960 cadre...notice the crossed rifles on the chevrons of the sergeant on the left and the lack of crossed rifles in the Gunny's chevrons besides him. The Captain beside the Gunny has a Distinguished Marksman badge.




November 1960...notice the gold chevrons on the helmet liners of the cadre. I don't know if these chevrons came shiny or if they just buffed down the subdued ones, though I did once have a pair of gold and thought they were odd...maybe they were made for this purpose. Think I might have sold them to @SgtMaddoxUSMC. Distinguished Marksman Badge on the company commander again




Also, notice the armbands on the student squad leaders and team leaders. Has anyone ever seen one of these armbands in a collection?




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Here's an interesting detail I just noticed in a yard long of mine...appears to be all Marines, but about half of them don't seem to have EGAs on their campaign covers.


Can't seem to make out the studio mark. San Diego maybe?

thumbnail (15).jpeg

thumbnail (11).jpeg

thumbnail (10).jpeg

thumbnail (16).jpeg

thumbnail (23).jpeg

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These aren't from a yard-long I own, but come from the National Archives collection: https://catalog.archives.gov/id/236677545.  It's labelled as a photo of Company B, 113th Infantry Regiment in April 1919.  Tons of marked gas mask bags and helmets.  Other company photos of the 113th from the same time were made with helmets off and gas mask bags slung or not worn.Rightsidegasmaskbags.png.b45dd83d05a71aec3bd845e772518969.png





Looks like 'Ha!' marked on the lefthand dough's helmet, while the guy to the right is wearing Commissary Sergeant insignia.



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322nd Repair Unit M.T.C. Last formation

I found this sticking out of a trash can years ago while driving down the street. Sadly nothing else in the trash and nobody home when I knocked on the door. There are several types of patches in this picture. I notice Armored triangles, maybe a rainbow division, 5th corps, 1st army, and maybe one of the white salamander patches I've seen elsewhere on the forum. Also looks like several different styles of overseas caps. I don't know why the first pictures came out sideways . Maybe some of you with young eyes can pick out some more things. Thanks for looking




IMG_1039 (1).jpg







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