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Officers With Marksmanship Badges On Their Dress Uniforms 1930s-Early 1970s

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The same officer with marksmanship badges from the previous post.


"Colonel Nat S. Perrine and Colonel Henry C. McLean, right, who served as commander at Camp Wolters until General Reinhardt arrived. The two men are seen sitting side by side each other, as they watch the Armistice Day Parade on Tuesday.

Date Created: 1941-11-11"

Shooting Badges.Camp Wolters.1941.jpg

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Lieutenant Colonel William Madison Garland, assistant director for Ground Instruction, Midland Army Flying School, Midland, Texas. February 1942


The first bar reads "Aerial Gunner". I can't make out the other two.

Shooting Badges.Midland Flight School.1942.jpg

Shooting Badges.Midland Flight School.1942.2.jpg

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Major James B. Wallace, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. Major Wallace is wearing a military uniform and standing with his hands in front of him. He commanded the 569th B-17 maintenance squadron at Las Vegas Army Air Field.

Date Created: 1944-06-24


His Expert Badge has a Submachine Gun bar. Also note his Balloon Pilot wings.

Shooring Badge.Balloon Pilot.jpg

Shooring Badge.Balloon Pilot.2.jpg

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Brigadier General Emil F. Reinhardt, left, commandant of Camp Wolters, and his aid, Major W. W. O'Conner, right, as they visited at Hotel Texas with Mrs. John E. Farrell, center, prior to a dinner party given by Mr. and Mrs. Farrell in honor of the general. Date Created: 1941-11-15

Shooting Badge.General's Aide.1941.jpg

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One Holger Toftoy USMA 1926, Toftoy, first commissioned U.S. Army Air Service then transferred to the Coast Artillery Corps would rise to Major General and figure in missile technology.



Toftoy wears the badges as we see on his cadet greys,, he was an ROTC cadet at the University of Wisconsin before being accepted for West Point.

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