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Officers With Marksmanship Badges On Their Dress Uniforms 1930s-Early 1970s

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So after posting a sampling of Army Officers wearing Marksmanship Badges on their Dress Blues from the 1959, 1963 and 1968, I'll start this one with them wearing them on ODs AGs and Khakis as promised. I'll name name in the majority of cases if no caption with name is present with image, hey maybe down the line a member might need an ID for an officers uniform, and we'll say, wait a minute he's posted in the Officers Marksman Badge topic :D I'll also add any extra commentary if some thing else is noteworthy in photo, we plan not to stop till I fill 50 pages of postings :lol:.




First up is LTC Harvey M. Dick.



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This officer, Maj Dorney must of been in one of the very last classes of the WWII Glider course right, he states he entered service via The Point Class 1946, that or he underwent Glider Training while he was a cadet, did Cadets do this during WWII? We know in the more modern era they do, think since sometime in the late 70s on, Airborne and Air Assault School.




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Interestingly Shea, though wearing a MACV patch seems to be wearing what looks like the 24th Infantry Division's NCBU DIs



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See so it's not a rare as we all thought, more, lots more to follow.


If any other member have any photos, by all means add it here.

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Now the old ones.


This was posted before in the Patches in Action topic.


That odd 45th Div Swastika patch wearing officer from the early 30s.




And a WII officer I found online by the name of Percy Roundtree, note he a Air Corps officer to boot.

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Another previous forum post




Col. Franklin R. Sibert, CO of the 20th Infantry Regiment, 6th Infantry Division, mid-1950's


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And a General Officer.



Walter E. Lauer 99th Infantry Division, Commanding July 1943-August 1945.

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Alvin A. Lopyan, 1st Engineers, 1st Division 1938.


I actually got a few of his items, it was saved from the dumpster by my upstairs neighbor who owns his own construction/renovation business, see how it went down was, the children of this gentleman, where selling the house, didn't want over half of what was laying around, it was simply to be tossed. my neighbor, like the other one who lives in my building, who's a moving man crew foreman (he's the one who gave me that WWII Ammo box with the WWI-WWII German stuff inside of it), knows I collect stuff like this. and kept it.


Among the items were.


A AG44 uniform complete, IE Cap, Coat, Trousers, most of the metal insignia and both shoulder patches and OS bars was present, just needed a couple of odds and ends, and three fatigue shirts fully badged, these items were his upon retirement as LTC in the Army Reserve in NYC in February 1964, at that time he was in one of those Special Amphibious Engineer Brigades, the one of the USAR in the Northeast, the 2nd I think it was.He was only on active duty a bit after his commisioning in the AR, and of course in WWII, but for the balance of his career, Reserves.



Here's the coat. Ribbons I was able to track down via my special agent, who was able to give me more info on him, to include Service photo, and unlike his 1938 photo, no there was no Marksmanship badge on this AG, nor was there any on there, IE no clutch ghosting and or pin hole markings/blemishes.

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Major Gen Frank L. Cullin Jr 87th Infantry Division, Commanding, April 1944-September 1945 (Inactivation Fort Benning Georgia)

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