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Beech-Nut candy Drops


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I've recently acquired this small cardboard of Beech-Nut Candy Drops in a flea market.
I would like to know if this cardboard should come from a PX in WW2 ?
Dimensions are around Lenght 22 x large 8 x High 4,5 (in centimeter)


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I believe the answer is they COULD be a PX item in WW2 not that they SHOULD be a PX item.


That is an vintage display candy box. No zip code pushes it back before 1963 when the codes were introduced. The plant's location is no help in dating the box as Beech Nut was located in Canajoharie, NY until 2009. Other that the standard printing, the word "ASSORTED" is stamped on the lid so nothing to indicate who would have used the box.


Beech Nut Fruit drops were similar in shape and packed in rolls like Life Savers. Print advertisements prove the drops were around in the 1930s. During WW2, with sugar rationing, many candy producers had to curtail their candy output which Beech Nut indicates happened to them. The exception to the rule was if a company obtained a contract to provide candies destined for the troops as ration components or for distribution though approved channels such as PXs, USO and the Red Cross.


It is possible that Beech Nut was a contractor of candies for the military - in fact, Beech Nut was the largest producer of K Rations of all the various companies that produced them during the war.


Not being an expert on the various packaging styles of Beech Nut candy products over the years, I cannot accurately state that your box is or is not WW2 specific although the bright red printing on the inner box makes me suspect it might not be WW2 era as many commercially produced items used more subdued colors so as to conserve precious war materials. Nothing is printed on the box and lid that indicates "for military use only" or something of that sort. I would hazard a guess that it is quite possible that the box COULD have been in a PX during WW2..


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To add what has been said Beech Nut was under contract from the government for supply of chewing gum and assorted candies. They were involved as a sub-contractor with the assembly of the Navy tablet rations, aircrew pocket lunches and other emergency rations where candies are required. Cross check advertisements pre war and post war for comparison. The reason being is that packaging under went restrictions during the war in what colors could be used. Red and white are two colors not under heavy restriction, you will note that packages are not very ornate during that era. The Kraft cover or outer cover is void of pigment aside from the red logo.

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