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2005 MSA MICH helmet SF used

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This was a MSA MICH helmet I purchased directly from a 5th Special Forces member stationed out of Fort Campbell. This is exactly as I received, including the placement of velcro and patches. He said he wore it on multiple deployments. It is dated 2005.



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This helmet is so cool. I have seen lots of ACHs with velcro, but this one just takes the cake. Thanks for sharing!

Crapgame: His name is Kelly. Used to be a Lieutenant, pretty good one too-

until someone gave him orders to attack the wrong hill. Wiped out half a company of GI's...

Somebody had to get the blame so he got picked....

Oddball (Laughing): Oh man, I don't like officers...

Crapgame (Laughing): Neither does he, so relax!

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